Vole Self Shot W2

Vole Self Shot W2

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Technical specifications:
– Ammunition with increased performance: special cartridge cal. 9 x 17 yellow. This means even more reliable, safe killing of the vole.
– New, unsurpassed, evenly fine release.
– Made entirely of steel and galvanized. This means permanent protection against corrosion.
– Uncomplicated, simple and safe handling. The device can be cocked and set with one hand.
– tripping above ground. This means that the function is not impaired by dirt and weather influences.

Proof of age required!

And this is how »W2« works:

With the Mod. W2 self-shot, the mouse is not killed by a mechanical shock as with conventional traps, but by the high gas pressure of a special cartridge, which ruptures the lungs of the vole in a flash and thus kills it immediately and in accordance with animal welfare.
The loaded device is placed with the muzzle in the exposed mouse tunnel, cocked and unlocked. After a short time, the vole will try to close the passage again, since it doesn't like light or fresh air. The vole can push earth in front of the self-shot, which often leads to failure with conventional traps. With the “W2”, however, this is irrelevant. The high gas pressure of the performance-enhanced special cartridge cal. 9 x 17 yellow kills the vole in a flash, even through earth that has been pushed forward by 5 cm and often throws it back up to 30 cm in the corridor. A detailed instruction manual is included
every device.