What is the best way to attract martens?

What is the best way to attract martens?

Marten trap hunting is very demanding. Simply setting a trap and hoping the marten will climb in and get caught is not the most promising method.

Martens are very clever animals and although they are basically omnivores, they don't like being lured into a trap.

This is very often due to the trap used. Martens are very reluctant to walk over bars (for this reason, wire mesh is often placed under mobile homes or cars to protect them from martens if they are left standing for a long time). A catch in a wire mesh trap is therefore not very promising.

Traps that are too small are also not suitable. The rocker board trap used should be at least 100cm long so that the marten can easily fit in there. We recommend our SwissHunt Artemis 110 , this is really well thought out, very effective and reliable.

Depending on the season, some baits are more or less suitable.

Basically, one can say that a marten ALWAYS prefers meat to fruit and vegetables. However, since martens eat neither cows nor pigs, no pork or beef should be used. Not fried or spiced at all. Nevertheless, their curiosity sometimes lures the marten into a trap, but these are more chance or lucky occurrences. The marten is indeed an egg thief, but also knows that no bird lays an egg when the temperatures are below zero in winter and is therefore very cautious when it finds an egg at low temperatures. In summer and autumn, when there is fallen fruit lying around everywhere, it is also difficult to lure the marten with fruity lures, after all vegetarian food is easy and widely available.

The Swiss Hunt martenlock pellets we produce rely on a very intense smell of meat and fish and can therefore be used at any time of the year. In addition, they are cheap, easy and clean to dose. The smell of the pellets lasts for a long time and is perceived by the marten over long distances. In addition, we have had the best experiences with these lock pellets.

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