Wild boar circling in Switzerland

Successful wild boar feeding in Switzerland

Hunting wild boar has developed drastically in the last few decades. While 60 pieces were shot in 1970, there were already 4160 in 2000 and 11346 in 2017. The ever-expanding cultivation of maize and grain in large monocultures, combined with heavy irrigation of these areas, create almost paradisiacal conditions for the black coats.

Due to increasing populations of black coats, the pressure on us hunters also increases.

In order for the hunt to be successful, you not only need experience and skill, but also the right equipment.

The specifications of the individual cantons for wild boar hunting are often not particularly beneficial. It is sometimes recommended not to spread more than 50 to 100g of corn per feeding to avoid feeding, which would result in stronger reproduction of the black coats.
It is well known that a distraction feeding of 50 to 100g corn does not prevent a pack of sows from going into the fields.


So another way is needed:
Since the amount of feed that is distributed must often be severely limited by law, but it must have a very good lure effect, it is advisable to use an lure.

We have produced a special wild boar lure for this purpose, https://swisshunt.ch/collections/lockmittel/products/swisshunt-schwarzwild-lockmittel , which we were able to bring to market after many tests in various areas.
It contains split proteins, raw proteins, various natural vitamins and iron that have a strong lure effect on wild boar and reliably lure them to the feeding ground over long distances.
In order to ensure a longer stay at the feeding place, we recommend burying about 0.5 - 1kg flat under the ground, the wild boar will then be kept busy for a long time and kept at the feeding place.

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