How do you catch a rat?

Instructions for catching a rat

Rats are rodents found almost all over the world. Due to their high reproduction rate, mass populations occur regularly. Especially in cities where the rats hardly find anything to eat but an ideal supply of food. Rats can breed up to 12 times a year under such conditions, giving birth to up to 22 newborns at a time. Now, after 3 months, these offspring are becoming sexually mature themselves, so it quickly becomes clear that fighting rats in cities can quickly become a permanent task. Also because pathogens such as salmonella, leptospira, ticks and rat fleas are spread by the rats and can sometimes cause major damage to companies and buildings.

The rat genus includes around 65 subspecies, some of which are protected. Others, such as the black rat, which is common in Central Europe, or the brown rat, are widely regarded as pests. Both of these species are also ancestral species, and are very commonly found in the vicinity of humans. Our article will focus primarily on these two types. In order to successfully capture rats, you first need a suitable trap.
We recommend our DIANA 75 rocker board trap . This triggers reliably, is easy to set and extremely catchy.
The trap should be placed on the ground where the rats have already been and will continue to have access. Even if rats are good at jumping and climbing, places on the ground are particularly suitable. Also because the trap can be set up more conveniently and stably there. Rats are not particularly demanding when it comes to their surroundings, but they prefer warmer and windless places, especially in cold temperatures, so as not to lose too much energy. This should be considered when choosing the trap location. Our sweet and high-fat bait is suitable as bait mouse and rat attractants very particularly good. This reliably lures the rats into the trap.

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