How do you catch a dormouse?

How do you catch a dormouse?

The dormouse belongs to the dormouse family, which are adapted to life in trees. However, as culture followers they are also found in barns, huts, garages and houses, where the proximity to humans often leads to problems.

It's not just gnawed and clogged insulation that sometimes causes enormous damage to the buildings. Martens are also attracted to the dormouse, so that once the dormouse have made themselves comfortable, a visit to the marten is almost pre-programmed. From mid-September to May, the rodent hibernates for around seven months due to the proximity to humans and the warmer environment, but it is not uncommon for the hibernation to be later and shorter. Edible dormouse are often still active in October.

No classic rat traps should be used to catch the dormouse, as the dormouse are much more cautious and also differ in size and weight, the typical rat traps then often do not trigger properly. We therefore recommend our Diana 75 rocker board trap for dormouse in conjunction with our mouse and rat lure. The lure paste is applied sparingly to the indentations in the footboard. This has the advantage that the dormouse has to scrape the lure out of there, making the trap even more reliable triggers. The trap is placed directly where the bilche are or in close proximity to them. Especially in the months before hibernation, the rodents are very voracious to eat up a cushion for the coming months. They can hardly resist the fat-rich attractant .

To catch the dormouse, the regionally different legal situation must be observed.

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