AIRGHANDI corrosion protection 20g

AIRGHANDI corrosion protection 20g

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AirGhandi's anti-corrosion protection

Anti-corrosion 20g

  • Protects metals from corrosionThe dissolved, natural solids, such as the wood's own lignin, penetrate deep into the wood and thus emphasize the grain.
  • Very good adhesive properties, which ensure a very long duration of action
  • The bluing of the weapon gets a high-gloss film
  • Removes light rust film
  • The long-chain structure ensures that the fat stays in place and does not run. Neutral to plastics. Can be used on all metals

The corrosion protection from the AirGhandi gun care series reliably protects the barrel and other metal parts of the gun from corrosion and greying.
The metal and the oxygen are separated and mineral salts and combustion residues are bound.
It also encapsulates the salts from hand perspiration and provides optimal protection even in the rain and increased humidity.
The agent can be applied very thinly and is therefore very economical.