AIRGHANDI gun grease with micro ceramics 20g

AIRGHANDI gun grease with micro ceramics 20g

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AirGhandi's Gun Grease

Weapon grease 20g

  • Extremely high temperature and pressure resistance
  • Very high temperature resistance
  • Without plastics such as PTFE
  • Very high temperature resistance from -50° to +250°
  • Long service life thanks to low wear of the ceramic particles. Additionally protects against corrosion. Behaves neutrally towards plastics, paints and other coatings

The temperature-resistant gun grease from the AirGhandi gun care series offers protection against wear and abrasion of built-in gun parts.
It was developed for use on firearms, but can also be used on edged weapons and spring loaded rifles.
Ceramic solids, which are heat-resistant up to 1200°C, are used as a lubricant. The fat is very economical to use.