KLARUS, LED flashlight XT12GT Hunting Kit, 1'600 lumens (incl. battery), with color filter 6500 Kelvin

KLARUS, LED flashlight XT12GT Hunting Kit, 1'600 lumens (incl. battery), with color filter 6500 Kelvin

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KLARUS, LED flashlight XT12GT Hunting Kit, 1'600 lumens (incl. battery), with color filter 6500 Kelvin

KLARUS XT12GT combines the advantages of two tactical KLARUS flashlights

The compact format combined with a long range characterizes this LED flashlight. The KLARUS XT12GT combines the best features of two popular tactical flashlights that attracted attention, especially when hunting and in official use. The XT12 and the XT15 are among the best-selling and most frequently used tactical flashlights from KLARUS. Even if the XT15 already meets the requirements for hunting purposes and causes enthusiasm both at home and abroad, the new KLARUS XT12GT LED flashlight surpasses its performance by far and includes the advantages of the XT12 model.

The output of up to 1600 ANSI lumens and the wide head, which was already present on the XT15 model, combine into a tactical and advantageous unit. The smart ITS system, which protects this flashlight from overheating and controls the light based on the housing temperature, ensures safety during use. On older models, the light control was timed, which meant that you could face the problem of the flashlight switching off when it was about to overheat, leaving you in the middle of a mission in the dark.

The KLARUS XT12GT LED flashlight has a magnetic charging connector that allows up to 1000mAh. Alternatively, you can also charge externally and place the battery in a suitable charger. With other KLARUS flashlights, the internal charging of an alternative protected 18650 battery was not possible, so you had to remove the battery from the flashlight to charge it. The KLARUS XT12GT LED flashlight puts an end to this problem and you can easily charge your second battery via the internal connection. Not only the micro USB connection is integrated in the connection cable, but also a small warm white lamp with a light intensity of up to 10 lumens. This has the advantage that you can use the charging adapter as a small reading lamp or as a key ring light. Of course, the magnetic charging connection has a charge status indicator and gives you information about the remaining charging time and the charge level of the battery at any time. You can choose the operation via two basic settings and use the tactical mode with direct access or the turbo mode as required. A strobe and the outdoor mode are also part of this flashlight, which can be easily put into operation by pressing the main switch. If you operate the mode switch and use the KLARUS XT12GT in Turbo Mode beforehand, you program the direct start in Low Mode and generate maximum energy savings. The outdoor mode itself comes with four light levels and includes an additional SOS mode if required.

Equipped with Cree XHP 35 HI D4 LEDs, an empty weight without batteries of 159 grams and numerous modes, the KLARUS XT12GT flashlight is a real all-rounder for professional universal use. In addition, there is the Smart ITS temperature control and an SMO reflector, as well as the KLARUS 18GT battery with 3600mAh in the scope of delivery. The lighting duration of the KLARUS XT12GT LED flashlight varies in the individual modes and can be particularly energy-saving if you focus on a mode with low power consumption and lower light output.

Technical specifications:

  • Cree XHP 35 HI D4
  • Head diameter 45.2mm
  • Case diameter 25.4mm
  • Length 161.5mm (old XT15 180mm)
  • Weight without batteries 159g.
  • Turbo mode, max. 1600 lumens, 1.2 hours burn time
  • High mode, max. 400 lumens, 4 hours burn time
  • Medium mode, max. 100 lumens, 14 hours burn time
  • Low mode, max. 10 lumens, 200 hours burn time
  • Strobe mode, max. 1600 lumens, 2.4 hours burn time
  • SOS mode, max. 100 lumens, 42 hours burn time
  • SMART ITS temperature control
  • SMO reflector
  • Klarus 18GT, 3600mAh battery included
  • 3 color filters
  • cable switch
  • weapon attachment
  • Operation with 1x 18650 protected or 2x CR123 lithium battery

Scope of delivery:

  • Klarus XT12GT Hunting Kit
  • magnetic charging cable
  • 18650 3600mAh 3.6V Lithium Ion Button Top Battery
  • lanyard
  • holster
  • weapon attachment
  • TRS1 cable switch
  • FT12 Color Filters (Red, Blue and Green)